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Xenolith Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a software solution and services company providing comprehensive range of IT services with a mission of constant innovation in the areas of Enterprise Portal Development, Product Development and Data center Services.


Xenolith has a wide range of experience in providing IT services to its customers across industries. Xenolith offers solutions and services that helps its customer to achieve operational excellence, reduce business risks and resolve critical challenges specific to their model of business. Xenolith helps its customer to optimize their business processes to yield maximum benefits from their IT investments.



Vikarta Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary of Xenolith) primarily focuses on emerging technologies in IT/ITES industry and is making investments in people and accelerators that will enable our clients succeed; it has an unmatched ability to help its clients' businesses grow by improving them through innovative business models, quality of delivery and holds a rapid pace to meet growing needs.


We partner with clients to achieve lower cost, enhanced productivity, reliability and drive innovative solutions & development through Agile methodology. We help our clients leverage technology to drive business transformation and are positioned very well in terms of location, experience, offsite development centers, Project communication methods, etc. that also makes us deliver projects seamlessly.



Bharat Connect Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (wholly owned subsidiary of Xenolith) provides innovative business strategies, a killer UI/UX design, beautiful user experience, powerful app development and comprehensive product lifecycle management by aiming at creating world class mobile first experiences. We strive to think through the intricacies of your idea with tools like product roadmaps, wireframes, mockups and user stories. If you are a start-up launching your first product or an established organization exploring new channels and revenue streams, you have reached the right address.


Digital Connect is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Digital marketing strategy, search marketing (SEO & SEM), online planning and buying, campaign execution, creative content, mobile application development, portal design/development, consulting, training, integration and implementation of digital technology tools. We are partnering with a number of innovative companies in India and abroad in the technology and digital marketing space to offer our customers complete solution. In short, we ensure that client's digital media needs are served enabling them to meet their business objectives.



Infrovate Consulting & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (subsidiary of Xenolith)is a cutting edge solution and service provider providing an innovative and consultative approach to your business needs. Our focus is on INNOVATION for the infrastructure sector. Infrovate provides you the much needed technology edge for your projects in the area of Manual, Automatic and Semi-Automatic Toll Collection, Electronic Toll Collection as per standards in India, sensor based Smart City solutions, IoT, RFID technologies – including tags, readers, writers, POS etc, Tag Issuance services, Border Check Post technologies and Control Centres for management of critical programs.


Infrovate has been awarded Top 50 Innovative Company 2015 by NASSCOM and got recognized as part of Start-up India Program by Govt. of India.





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