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With more than 25 years of experience in the infrastructure sector, SREI Infrastructure Finance Limited (“SREI” or “SIFL”), is a leading Non-Banking Financial Company(NBFC), headquartered in Kolkata - India with a strong customer base of approx. 30,000 and a pan-India network of 99 offices. SREI also has offices in Russia, Austria and has created business presence in Africa and Myanmar as well.

The company is a holistic infrastructure institution offering a wide gamut of services across the entire infrastructure value chain under one roof. End to End service offerings include Infrastructure Project Finance, Advisory & Development, Infrastructure Equipment Finance, Alternative Investment Funds, Capital Market & Insurance Broking. SREI was classified as an “Infrastructure Finance Company” (IFC) and was also notified as a “Public Financial Institution” (PFI) by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in the year 2011.

SREI is listed on NSE, BSE and the Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited (CSE). The company also got listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in 2005 with a GDR issue of USD 35 mn. The various business offerings of SREI have been classified under two main categories: A SREI Venture and A SREI Intitative.

Srei Venture   Srei Initiative
Srei BNP Paribas   Viom Networks
Bengal Srei Infrastructure Development Ltd   Quippo
Srei Capital Markets Ltd   Sahaj
Srei Alternative Investment Managers Ltd   Swach
Srei Mutual Fund Asset Management Pvt. Ltd   Attivo
Srei Mutual Fund Trust Pvt. Ltd   Bharat Roads Network Ltd
Srei International Infrastructure Services GmbH   I-Log Ports
Srei Infrastructure Advisors Ltd  
Global Investment Trust Ltd  



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